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This one is heavier than the traditional one and contains some stuff from ramen.


  • dashi/miso stock
  • spring onion
  • shiitake
  • tofu
  • carrot
  • fresh ginger
  • eggs
  • noodles


Preparation in wok. Because it's quick and the longer you stay hungry the easier is for you to fail in life. Put some oil, set to high heat (top gear, sun-like temp).

00:00 add cubed tofu

00:01 add thinly chopped ginger (say it quickly 3 times in a row)

00:02 add chopped shiitake shrooms

00:04 add tiny spring onion wheels

00:06 add carrot shavings

Stir furiously for a few minutes. Add water. Wait until it boils, then add stock and noodles. Break egg inside for nice effect. Or add boiled eggs (don't boil them in the soup you filthy animal, get a grip).

Eat with chopsticks and slurp like crazy until your life partner forbids it.

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